Harmonising Yoga and Pranayama Monthly Workshop with Francesca

 Saturday 15th June 3.30-5.00 pm

Pranayama and Yoga Workshop with Francesca Pellicano Saturday 15th June 3.30 – 5pm

In this workshop we will tune into our inner space, disconnecting from the outside world and connecting with our breath. In the first 45 min, we will move through a soft yet nourishing yoga practice based around moon sequences (Chandra Namaskar as opposed to Surya Namaskar!) to prepare us for a deep energizing Pranayama practice.

Every month, Francesca will choose a gentle yoga flow to help students balance all aspects of yoga by focusing on the meditative, calming quality of the poses, ‘the lunar energy’ aided by a strong connection to the breath.  Moon sequences, designed to be practised on moon days, can be practiced any time you feel the need to calm your energy, slow down, and draw your attention inwards. In many ways, a perfect complementary practice to the Ashtanga Primary Sequence.

Pranayama (‘Expansion of the Vital Life Force’) is a foundational breathwork practice of both the Ashtanga and Hatha schools of Yoga.  In this monthly session Francesca will introduce you the theory and practices of traditional pranayama, with the aim of establishing or strengthening your own personal practice.

You will:

a) learn about the purpose, applications and benefits of an inner practice and increases the functioning and balance of your body/mind through balancing asanas, pranayama and kriyas according to the Ashtanga and Hatha schools of yoga

b) receive an introduction to the main traditional pranayama techniques

*This workshop is designed for beginners with no prior experience of Yoga as well as for experienced Yoga practitioners who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of yogic breathing in greater detail. It will be online and in person.


About Francesca

Francesca has 8 years’ experience as a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga. She has been assisting for several years in the Mysore room at Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow and has recently completed a 200hr YTT. She has studied pranayama intensively and qualified as pranayama teacher from the Yoga Education Collective with Eddie Stern and Robert Moses.

Francesca teaches the Thursday morning mysore session ( 6.30 – 8.30am ) where she begins each class with optional guided pranayama.

£15, £10 Zoom