Beginner’s Ashtanga ( Level 1) :

Taking you step by step through the first part of the ashtanga sequence, with clear guidance and precise instructions . The format of this class may vary week to week, sometimes focusing on specific aspects of the practice, other times flowing through the sequence in tune with the breath, traditional ‘led class’ style. This is a drop in class so no commitment is necessary, but the more you attend the more you will become familiar with the sequence and the techniques involved, leading to improved strength, flexibility and concentration.

Suitable for: Anyone with little or no experience of ashtanga yoga , students with some experience who prefer the slower pace of this led class.


Half Primary Series:

A guided class following the traditional vinyasa count, flowing through the sequence up to ‘navasana’. There may be some extra time each class to work on some of the postures in the second half of the primary series.

Suitable for: Students with some experience of ashtanga yoga. If you are a beginner please choose a  beginners class before considering this one.


Full Primary Series:

Guiding you through the full ashtanga primary series, with Sanskrit count. Little or no instruction will be given, just verbal cues, as  students will be expected  to be at least familiar(if not fully proficient) with the full sequence. Not  for beginners!!

Suitable for: Intermediate or experienced students familiar with the postures of the full primary series.  Students who have been attending level 1 and/or half primary series regularly for several months at least.  Students who have a regular Mysore practice.

I love Ashtanga yoga- it has all the benefits of a proper work out but also has the added benefits of yoga- a calmer, more relaxed body and mind at the end of the class. Cathy is a great yoga teacher, very experienced and she creates a safe and relaxed environment in which to practise. (Lynsey Muldoon)




All classes are at The Hidden Lane, 1103 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8ND (Yellow Building, upstairs)

For more info on any of Cathy’s classes, call her any time on 07719 867051 or send her an email with the form below.

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