The Art of Adjusting

Saturday 17th and Saturday 24th August 11am-3pm, with Cathy Moran

Learn how to give safe and effective hands-on adjustments in this two part course

Suitable for both established yoga teachers and trainee teachers 


  • Do you lack the confidence needed give hands on adjustments?
  • Do you wonder when and how to approach a student to give an adjustment?
  • Are you nervous about giving too much or too little pressure, or worry that your adjustments may be ineffectual..?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, this course is designed for you!

A good adjustment can greatly enhance the experience of a yoga asana practice. It should guide the student towards the correct expression of the posture, establishing new patterns of movement in their muscle memory,  whilst maintaining their comfort and stability throughout.

However, it can be difficult at first to give effective adjustments: it requires a certain skilfulness learnt through observation, study, patience, communication, and lots of practice!

I want to help you gain confidence with your adjustments skills, show you how best to approach and work with different bodies, and understand how to apply those skills in the unique situations that will come up for you in your teaching settings.


When to adjust?

Different types of adjustments

Observation/Reading your students

Communicating with your students

Understanding the nature of the posture

Different Bodies, different approaches

Looking after yourself

The format will be mostly practical: demonstrations followed by practice on each other. We will concentrate on distinct groups of postures each session, keeping it relatively simple to enable you to fully absorb what you learn, and be able to confidently put it into practice straight away.  With each posture we’ll look at the intention, mechanics and the desired outcome, as well as different approaches needed according to various body types, levels of experience, flexibility etc.

We will be basing the postures covered on the Ashtanga sequence, but the techniques and skills you learn will be applicable to any style of yoga. The workshop sessions will loosely be set out as follows, although it will depend on the needs of the group which is never entirely predictable! :

Session 1 : Standing Postures and Forward Bends

Session 2: Sitting Postures, Twists and Backbends

Cost : £75 single session £135 both



If booking for both workshops scroll down to choose the ‘The Art of Adjusting (2 workshop package)’ 

*This is a Yoga Alliance YACEP Course and qualifies for continuing education hours for RYT teachers