Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow provides specialist, experienced instruction in the disciplined practice of Ashtanga and other forms of yoga. Here you will find small, friendly classes for all levels and for all ages, from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners.

 Run and founded by KPJAYI level 2 yoga instructor Cathy Moran, Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow offers expert tuition in a supportive environment, offering students the opportunity to discover, through practice, the potential for enhanced physical well-being and a positive, balanced mindset.


Cathy has been practising yoga since 1999. Although initially interested in various forms, she always found herself drawn to the strength, flow and discipline of the ashtanga system. A trip to Yoga Plus in Crete in 2002 (with teachers Pierre Seghir and Radha Warrell) ignited an ongoing dedication to Mysore-style daily practice, learning first with Alexander Medin at Yoga Place in Bethnal Green, and later with Hamish Hendry at Ashtanga Yoga London. Despite never having been a ‘morning person’ this daily ritual began to weave it’s magic – slowly bringing  strength, clarity, peace and positivity, into an otherwise pretty chaotic existence!  The practice was the catalyst for change in lifestyle too- from working in the busy London restaurant industry to becoming a full time massage therapist to eventually teaching yoga after moving to Glasgow in 2007.

In 2008 she made her first trip to The Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Since then she has dedicated her life to the practice, study, and teaching of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, returning to Mysore regularly for extended periods of study with her teacher R Sharath Jois.  In 2014 she received level 2 authorization to teach the primary and intermediate series. In 2016 she had the honour of assisting Sharath in the main shala.

Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow was born out of a desire to share the traditional Mysore method of Ashtanga Yoga as taught at the KPJAYI in Mysore. Starting with two mornings a week and just a few dedicated students, increasing gradually to 3, 4 and eventually 5 mornings, Cathy established Glasgow’s first morning mysore self practice programme 7 years ago and continues to teach every Monday to Friday today. She endeavours to teach, share and pass this method on to others as it was taught to her, in an approachable, friendly and compassionate way.



Johanne started practising various forms of yoga in 2017 at home, via YouTube, however she became drawn to the dynamic style of Ashtanga Yoga and soon developed a dedicated 6 day a week practice.
She followed along at home to instructional courses with Kino McGregor and several other teachers via the omstars online platform. Although enjoying the classes. she soon felt the need to progress and receive guidance from a ‘real live’ teacher, so during lockdown she started attending mysore classes online with Cathy, and has continued practising at the studio ever since, both in person and via zoom.
She enjoys a mysore style practice as it allows her to move and breathe at her own pace, allowing her to feel the posture, to regulate her breath and connect to her nervous system. Mysore style practice allows time to work on certain postures and refine others, all the while receiving individualised guidance and help from Cathy throughout.

She likes that Ashtanga has a structure to follow and goals to aim for (even if these goals are never reached, it’s part of the fun and magic of Ashtanga – learning to enjoy the journey!). It also makes you face challenging postures that you wouldn’t necessarily try in other yoga classes. She loves the strength and endurance that is built working through an Ashtanga practice.

Building a personal practice allows Johanne to practice anywhere anytime, from home / holiday / studio, wherever she finds herself she is able to get on her mat.  It’s very grounding; when nothing else makes sense, getting on the mat always will. Whether that’s just to sit with the breath or to do a full ashtanga practice…She is also able to look back and notice the progress she has made, simply by showing up everyday and being dedicated to the practice.

 The practice always leaves her feeling uplifted and happy that she got up early and got on her mat!

Her passion for ashtanga yoga led her to enrol in a 200hr teacher training at YogaJo’s, (completed in 2022) where she was able to further immerse herself in the study of yoga beyond the asanas –including pranayama, philosophy and meditation.

She looks forward to sharing what she has learnt with others; her hope is to help them build a practice that is both fun and enriching!

Johanne is teaching the level 1 class on Monday evenings 



Francesca has been practicing yoga since 2015 and started to assist in the mysore room in 2019, under Cathy Moran’s close mentorship. She has travelled far and wide to pursue her yogic studies and has sought the guidance of various teachers, including Philippa Asher, John Scott and Sarah Hatcher. She also practices weekly Sanskrit and Vedic chanting. 

Francesca is a certified yoga teacher and has obtained her Level 2 Pranayama Teacher certification under the mentorship of Eddie Stern and Robert Moses.  She is passionate about ancient yogic techniques that harmonise the body with the mind and from her you will learn pranayama practices from both the Ashtanga and Hatha schools of Yoga.  

Francesca believes that all the precious insights she has learned during the years are gifts that she wants to share with others following the same path.

Francesca is teaches the early morning mysore with pranayama onThursdays, as well as a monthly pranayama and asana session on Saturday afternoons.



I have been practicing Yoga since my teens and really embraced the practice fully when I cam across my first Ashtanga Class and I have never looked back. I have completed over 300 hours in my Yoga training including an immersion in Yin and Ashtanga .Yin Yoga came along as a surprise to me and I fell in love with the practice, it is the perfect practice for anyone who has a busy lifestyle or anyone who does any kind of dynamic exercise.

In class you can expect a short breathing practice, yin poses and a guided visualisation/mindfulness practice.

Nicola teaches Yin Yoga on Wednesday evenings




Alexia is a Level 1 SYC Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher with a Ph.D. in Science Communication!
She started practising Ashtanga Yoga whilst living in Glasgow (many years ago!) where she was a devoted student of Cathy Moran.
After moving to Greece she began making trips to the Sharath Yoga Center in Mysore, India, ( formerly KPJAYI)  where she had the honor of practicing with Sharath Jois multiple times over the years. She received his blessing to teach Ashtanga Yoga in 2019.
She went on to run her own shala in Greece for several years but has now returned to Glasgow, her ashtanga home, and is looking forward to practicing with Cathy again and teaching the Saturday class at Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow.
Alexia is taking over the Level 1 Ashtanga Class on Saturday mornings