“I had tried a couple of different yoga classes in the past but found they didn’t suit me. I decided to try the Ashtanga style of yoga and attended Cathy’s ‘Introduction to Ashtanga’ workshop and I’m glad I did. I feel safe in Cathy’s classes and leave feeling calmer and more energised. I look forward to each class and have been inspired to combine her led beginners classes with home practice and investigating Ashtanga philosophy further.”

Giga Gray

‘i’m so thankful to have cathy as a teacher. practicing with her is always amazing – she knows how to create just the right balance between challenge and support to ensure you learn and progress in an honest and safe manner. teaching aside, cathy is such a wonderful person – anyone who knows her will know what i mean when i say that her presence is one of acceptance and calm paired with a fantastic sense of humor. although i don’t live in scotland anymore, i’ll continue to come back to ashtanga yoga glasgow to practice with her whenever i can!’
Meike Ramon

I enrolled in the 6 week beginner class having never practiced any sort of yoga before, a complete beginner. Cathy is extremely patient and encouraging, helping you progress at your own pace. I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

Laura Hall

I started to attend Cathy’s mysore practice just over a year ago, with no knowledge whatsoever of yoga. Going through a critical moment, I never thought that yoga could change my life perception in such powerful way. Ashtanga yoga and Cathy have helped me to find myself, to be aware

of my body, discovering abilities and will power that I never thought I had. Every day I crave to go to mysore practice and I regret not discovering it before. Thanks Cathy.

Francesca Pellicano

“After having tried various yoga classes on and off over the years, I have now been able to find a focus for my practise with Cathy’s led and Mysore instruction.

I have genuinely noticed improvements to my physical and mental well being since attending Cathy’s classes.  Her Mysore instruction, as a consequence of practising at one’s own pace, adopts a very hands on approach which I have found particularly helpful. ”

Ray Clarke

I’ve been practicing with Cathy for a number of years now, initially just doing a led primary class before finally getting myself to her early morning Mysore practice which I have to say is now my favourite way to practice! I love being able to practice at my own pace & get help with the postures that challenge me – i’m amazed how my practice has developed.

Cathy is a great traditional teacher and you’ll love her whether you’re completely new to Ashtanga or have been practicing for years. If you’re looking for a class or fancy trying learning about Ashtanga I’d strongly recommend coming along to class or signing up for one of her beginners courses or an intro workshop.

Alison Marshall

“Having practised one form of yoga or another on and off for years, being introduced to Ashtanga and Mysore was a revelation to me. The flow of the practice and its synchronicity with the breath is one of its most potent aspects. The rhythm is mesmerising.

Initially, I found the idea of attending a mysore class slightly intimidating. I thought it might be difficult or distracting to be in a room full of people practising different asanas at different times together, but it was not like that at all. You still have the benefit of a group energy but the freedom to practise at your own pace.

Mysore is also an amazing way of getting focused feedback on your practice in particular. You learn so much! I really like the way Cathy manages to create a relaxed yet supportive environment. For me, she has a reassuring, patient and encouraging presence.”

Mina Al Murani

I really enjoyed your course on ashtanga yoga. It really helps me when I understand the reasons for all the postures. The effort you go to it is way beyond any other studio I’ve been to.

John Dwyer

I love Ashtanga yoga- it has all the benefits of a proper work out but also has the added benefits of yoga- a calmer, more relaxed body and mind at the end of the class. Cathy is a great yoga teacher, very experienced and she creates a safe and relaxed environment in which to practise.

Lynsey Muldoon


After having practiced a different type of yoga on/off for 2 years, my flatmate recommended Ashtanga and encouraged me to take Cathy’s “6 Week Introductory Course”. I immediately loved the structure of Ashtanga and after the course ended, I started the introductory Mysore. I was quite nervous starting Mysore as I thought it would feel a bit deflating being in a room with much more experienced yogis but Mysore is a fantastic way to learn, with a charged energy in the room that really encourages you to keep going (even on the days you think you can’t).

Attending Mysore 3-4 times a week was mind-changing for me and being quite a stressed and anxious person, I maintain that Mysore is what kept me sane throughout my university finals. Cathy is a truly amazing teacher who is on hand to help you, whether that be squeezing further into a posture that you thought you could never manage or to answer any questions you may have about your practice. Cathy’s teaching embodies her patient and reassuring presence, allowing you to feel safe and supported in her classes.


Tina Hamilton

To have Cathy’s guidance into this wonderful practice is a blessing.


Garry Ewart

Cathy is a fantastic teacher. I have been attending her Mysore class for around three years and as a result of her excellent style, which is simultaneously subtle and effective, I have grown to understand the power of ashtanga yoga to transform. Cathy is dedicated to passing on her passion for ashtanga yoga and as a result I have developed my knowledge and love for the practise. I would always recommend her – there are no better hands to start your yoga journey in than Cathy’s.


Jenny Scott

I have been going to Cathy’s class for years. In that time I have been inspired by Cathy’s commitment to the practice and she has helped me deepen my practice. The focus on alignment has really helped me to concentrate on correctness of posture, not just going through the practice. The teaching is both challenging and informative.


Liz Thomson

I really like the tempo of Cathy’s led classes, there is an energy and momentum to them which you don’t always find in ashtanga classes. I feel very secure and safe but still Cathy gets me to go that bit further, she has a natural feel for the correct way to help.

It’s clear she is experienced and works hard at furthering her knowledge by working with other yogis and going back to Mysore to practice. This is so important because from this she shares her new knowledge with her students.


Catherine Hardy