Saturday 16th March 2-4pm 

Backbending postures are important to balance out the many forward bends of the primary series, and when done successfully are strengthening, detoxifying and tremendously uplifting!! Yet many students find them challenging and uncomfortable and tend to rush through them as quickly as possible.

Join me for this informal workshop exploring the dynamics of back bending.

Backbends are, in fact, a big stretch of the front body, supported by strength in the back of the body. We will look at the mechanics involved in different backbending postures, and we’ll work on ways to mobilize tight areas that might be restricting you ( eg shoulders, upper back, hip flexors). We’ll explore how to develop a strong foundation to support your backbends and we’ll learn the importance of correct alignment and use of the breath to find freedom and space in your spine!

We will integrate all of these elements to move towards achieving urdhva dhanurasana ( and  maybe some other challenging backbends) with minimal discomfort!