Hurry! There’s still time to book and experience Philippa Asher’s wonderful teaching when she comes to Glasgow in a few weeks time!! Don’t miss this chance to work in a small group with one of the world’s foremost KPJAYI Certified teachers!

“Philippa is a fantastic, kind, generous and knowledgeable teacher whose words of encouragement, delivered in an endearing and comedic way, have really helped and inspired confidence in my practice. I love going to Philippa’s workshop as they are motivational and inspiring, as well as being inclusive to all. Having attended many international teachers’ workshops over the years I can honestly say that Philippa is the best  – in terms of the attention to detail, personal interaction and genuine, practical advice she goes above and beyond. She is now one of the few teachers I would sign up to without hesitation, and her workshops are worth every penny!”  Lori McNeill


Philippa Asher Glasgow workshop


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