An in-depth exploration of Ashtanga Yoga
(The immersion will be split into two 35 hour courses, levels 1 and 2, each spread over 3 weekends.)

An opportunity to delve deep into the ashtanga system of yoga – both the practice and the philosophy underpinning it.
We will explore the practice through both led and mysore style classes, with the emphasis on ‘tristana’- the integration of breath & bandha, movement and drishti – to promote a deep inner focus and quiet mind.

Each course will incorporate a thorough breakdown of key postures in the primary series, to understand the intention, alignment, and foundations for each pose. Students will learn the sanskrit names and the correct vinyasa count for each pose and will be expected to learn them as we go along!
We will learn when and how to modify postures when necessary, and basic anatomic principles to facilitate our understanding of the physical body.
We will introduce the art of hands on adjusting – how to read bodies in order to give effective and safe adjustments.
We will study the roots and traditions of ashtanga yoga, with an introduction to yoga philosophy focusing primarily on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

To support our study, each weekend will include some simple breath work, Sanskrit chanting and deep relaxation.

Our intention in running this immersion is to give students the chance to truly embrace ashtanga yoga in its traditional form and to discover the transformative effects of the practice when you do. We aim to inform and educate in order to create a deeper understanding of the ashtanga method and hopefully to inspire students to continue a committed practice once it’s over!


Application Requirements: 

  • Open to students, teachers, and trainee teachers with a keen interest and a steady practice of the primary series. You do not need to be doing the full primary series but at least a year’s experience of practising ashtanga yoga is preferable for level 1, (or 6 months if your practice has been consistent !!) The emphasis is on a commitment to practise rather than the ability to do all the postures. Please ask if you’re not sure of your eligibility.
  •  Level 1 can be taken as a stand alone course  but Level 1 must be completed as a pre-requisite to Level 2.
  •  Where possible we would like students doing the Ashtanga immersions to practise mysore style ashtanga at the studio, preferably 3 times per week minimum, throughout the duration of the course.  We strongly recommend this to reap the most benefits from the immersion, however, we appreciate that this may not be possible; if this is the case we would expect you to maintain the same consistent practice elsewhere or at home.
  • A class membership discount will be applied to all students on the immersion training; 3 x per week £40 per month,  4+  £50 per month.

A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of each course.

Course Dates / Times

Saturday 12.30 – 18.30
Sunday   12.00 – 18.00

Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Level 1 

  • 25th / 26th January
  • 22nd / 23rd February
  • 21st / 22nd March


Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Level 2 

  • 20th / 21st June
  • 25th / 26th July
  • 22nd / 23rd August


COST : Each course is £350,  £100 non refundable deposit is required to secure your place


Please email :  for enquiries, payments and bookings for this course