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Intro to Mysore Workshop

November 19, 2017 @1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Get started with Ashtanga Yoga

Sri K Pattaibi Jois or Guruji as he is affectionately remembered is the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, which has become popularised throughout the world and has been used to create other forms of yoga under different names such as Power yoga, Rocket and Vinyasa flow.

Every practitioner begins their Ashtanga yoga journey with the Primary Series, or Yoga Chikitsa (Cikitsa) which translates as yoga therapy. Ashtanga asanas are linked together through vinyasa (breath synchronised movement) and the vinyasa is an integral part of Ashtanga yoga.

About Mysore Self-practice: 
Mysore style class is a ‘self practice’ class where the student moves through the Ashtanga Yoga sequence at their own pace and with their own breath. Each student receives one on one guided instruction that is specific to their needs. There are mixed levels of abilities in the Mysore class, ranging from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. This way of learning is the correct way to learn Ashtanga Yoga and it continues to be taught in this way by Sharath Jois, the grandson of Pattabi Jois in Mysore in southern India.

What you will learn:
In this Mysore introduction workshop you will be introduced the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method, learning the opening postures of the practice and the last three postures of the finishing part of the sequence. By the end of this workshop you will feel comfortable and confident to attend regular drop in Mysore classes.

The benefits of learning this style of practice:
There are huge benefits to practising the same sequence of postures; you will become very strong, gain flexibility and range of movement. You will be able to monitor your progress more effectively and once the sequence becomes familiar you will be able to move through your practice in a state of meditation. Also this means that you will develop a self practice, enabling you to practice at home when it suits you, or to go to any ashtanga yoga class in the world and be confident in your abilities and understanding of this deeply informative practice.

This workshop will be taught by Gem Maryan. Read how Gem got started with her own Mysore practice here.

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