Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, Lefkada, Greece, 16th-23rd September

with Lauren Munday and Cathy Moran

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…Because the combination of daily yoga, sunshine, rest, delicious healthy food, good company and beautiful surroundings is a winner, trust me!!  Daily yoga, when at home, will certainly enhance your physical and mental wellbeing, but there is the inevitable rush to get to work, or your next appointment, or a meeting straight afterwards…cutting short the small oasis of calm you’ve created. Holidays in the sun can be a wonderful, restful escape, but too much inactivity, good food and drinks in the sun can leave us feeling sluggish and in need of another break!

On a yoga retreat you get to relax, rest, enjoy peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings, eat sumptuous meals, go exploring, go to the beach.. all the things you normally do on holiday but with the addition of daily yoga. Each morning begins with a yoga session which will calm your mind and energise your body, with no pressure to do anything else afterwards except sit down to a amazing breakfast which has been prepared for you. A week of this will leave you feeling not only rested, but glowing, healthy and happy!  The first time I went on a yoga retreat was also in Greece, 17 years ago. It had such a positive effect that virtually every holiday I’ve taken since has been a yoga holiday!

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